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For the last three years we have been creating The Cleansing. Our ambition is to make a strategic and competitive game with an interesting setting. The Cleansing presents a unique and interesting gameplay where we mix map control via conquest points, hero upgrades and micro managing in a way that has never been done before. We’ve have created a world which reminds you of the dark ages, but takes place in a dystopian future, where society more or less has been reset and rebuilt to a dark twisted version of its former self. It’s a competitive game with a ranking system suited for the eSport market.


  • Gear up with your friends or alone against other players, in a versus, RTS and RPG multiplayer game
  • Gain map contol by capturing strategic resource areas located around the map, which is used to gain resources and reducing the enemies victory points that is required to win.
  • Build your party of five heroes choosingt from different characters.
  • Choose from five different classes: Ranger, Recruit, Highborn, Brainer and Nomad.
  • Decide your own unique playstyle by choosing class, character and skill path.
  • Use the 3D environment to gain tactical advantage over your enemies
  • Upgrade skills and equip your characters with different weapons and armor to counter your enemies.
  • Take control over resource areas to boost your economy and defeting your opponent.

The games combat rules are heavily inspired by the classic paper and pen RPG genre games with dice rolls for damage and attack hits. Your targets speed, relative height placement and distance, all affect your chance of success during combat.

We’re using Unreal Engine, for state of the art 3d game development.




Gameplay trailer

Story trailer